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Oh, my aching muscles...

Tempus fugit
You Latin-o-philes will know that my column’s title this month means “Time Flies.” It’s strange to write about the end of the season when I’m harvesting my first tomatoes and gorging on fresh veggies. It’s just starting to get good!

I had successes this year and learned lessons, too. The Dahlia imperialis I planted last fall is over eight feet tall, with a stalk three inches in diameter. I took out a diseased tree that has been declining for a few years. Other than a bad spider mite infestation it was, all in all, a good season.

I’ve started making plans for the winter gardening season. I’m determined to put in hardscaping this winter, some paved walkways and seating areas. I garden on a sloping lot and need solid, level places for sitting and enjoying the garden—it’s not ALL about work!

I will spend time traveling this fall—some garden-related trips and some just for fun. I will share photos and stories with you next spring. If there’s anything you would particularly like to read about in 2007, let me know!

Until next time—Mary

Strelitzia regina 'Mandela's Gold' -- read about my September trip to South Africa!

Don't fall in love with the first pretty face you see—I'm talking about roses, here! The flower is just one aspect of the plant. You have to be able to live with the rest of the plant, too.

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