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Oh, my aching muscles...

Here are a few Northwest favorites!

The Northwest has excellent programs for aspiring professional horticulturists. Whether you want to pursue a degree, or just take some classes, check these out:

Lake Washington Technical College

We love nurseries, of course! We are fortunate to have so many excellent retail and mail order nurseries in Western Washington and Oregon. If you have a favorite nursery you would like to recommend, e-mail us.

Swanson's Nursery

Forestfarm Nursery

The Country Store & Gardens

Mesogeo Nursery & Garden

Mesogeo is a retail nursery and display garden on Bainbridge Island, WA, specializing in the COOLEST plants for the Pacific Northwest Garden. All are adapted to our Mediterranean (wet winter, dry summer) climate and come from all parts of the world. Mesogeo also offers garden design services. Go visit!

Lakewold Gardens, Lakewood, Washington

Moosey's Contry Garden

Moosey is a gardener on New Zealand's South Island. Her garden's climate is very similar to that of gardeners in the maritime-influenced Pacific Northwest. She has a very informative and entertaining site. We're sure you'll enjoy reading about her gardening adventures!

Dig Nursery

Sequim Rare Plants

Keeping it Green Nursery

We at NWGN love the internet and use it constantly as a resource, both for learning about plants—and to buy them. We're selective about the garden links we'll post here. Our favorite Pacific Northwest gardening sites are here, as well and national and international sites that we find valuable.
Do you have a gardening website you'd like have appear here? Drop us an e-mail:

Northwest Garden News

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