Encore Azalea Offers Repeat Bloom

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Oh, my aching muscles...

Stretch the season of color in your garden!

Gardeners who adore spring blooming azaleas can now enjoy an explosion of color season after season. Encore AzaleasŪ are the only patented brand of azaleas to bloom in spring, summer and fall. Each of the 23 Encore varieties begins their performance with the spring flowering season. 

Once the “first act” of blooming concludes, new shoots grow and set buds. The Encore Azalea’s “second act” begins when these buds start to flower in midsummer. This bloom season continues through the fall, until the onset of cold weather. As an encore, these exceptional azaleas flower again with traditional spring azaleas and the process starts over.

Gardeners in the Pacific Northwest should plant Encore Azaleas in full sun in order to ensure optimum blooming. Ideally, they should be protected from harsh winter winds. During the dry summer months, Encore Azaleas need adequate water.

The evergreen Encore Azalea was invented by plant breeder Robert E. “Buddy” Lee of Independence, LA. Lee crossed traditional spring-blooming azaleas with the rare Taiwanese summer-blooming azalea, Rhododendron oldhamii.

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