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Oh, my aching muscles...

Musings on the gardening life

Many of the Northwest's garden writers use their talent to explain and educate. Sometimes, however, they write to entertain us or to muse about why we love to toil in the soil.

Gardening is an adventure in joy and heartbreak. Enjoy reading these essays about the gardening life by some of your favorite writers.

Oh, my aching muscles...

Visions of Vegetables

The Little & Lewis Garden: An Appreciation

Flower Power

Gardening With All Five Senses

A Good and Delicious Life

Local Nurseries Offer More Than Plants!

Grow it, Kill it -- Know it

Trend Setter? Or Trend Serf?

It's Still a Miracle

A Year of Garden Angst

The Forgotten Season

March: The Month of Endless Waiting

Dueling Gardens

To the garden born

July 2006 editorial

Mary's Column September 2006

Being a gardener is something we grow to love–and about loving the things we grow.

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