Gardening With Grasses

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Oh, my aching muscles...

By Michael King and Piet Oudolf
ISBN 0-88192-411-3
Hardcover, 152 pages, 161 color photos
Timber Press, $34.95

Ornamental grasses are among the most versatile and sophisticated of plants for the gardener’s palette; they are currently enjoying enormous popularity around the world. They hold particular interest for many gardeners because of their reliability and their versatile contributions to fall and winter texture and form in the garden.

In this book, internationally recognized design experts–who have used grasses for many years in designing public and private gardens–have teamed up to remedy the lack of good information on grasses for the beginning and advanced gardener. With inspiring photographs and informative text, King and Oudolf catalog more than 150 varieties and cultivars, and select the ornamental grasses, sedges, and bamboos most appropriate for a wide range of garden situations.

The use of grasses as specimen plants, as ground covers, and in associations with other garden features and plants is documented in clear text complemented by handsome color photographs.
NWGN archive published April 1998

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